Creativity on demand

The other day I was doing an interview with artist Ray Campeau. I always like to watch artists work and I asked him if he wouldn’t mind if he painted while we talked. He took out a pad and began to sketch. Then he went for his watercolors and was instantly lost in the vision.

Today I called him and he told me he’d finished the painting and he really liked it, although when he started it he admitted that he was just showing me how he worked and didn’t expect to keep the piece, let alone complete it.

That’s what happens when you switch on the faucet of your creativity. You don’t expect everything to be a masterpiece but there comes a point when you can depend on it to be there for you.

What’s happening here is a kind of conditioning. Sit down to work and before you know you’re working.

Deadlines are like faucets for me. I sit down, turn on my computer and go. Maybe it won’t be a masterpiece but if I give myself the freedom to write whatever I need to write, most of the time the result is pretty good.


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